Dodon Admitted Plahotniuc Is Behind the Opposition Actions

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President Igor Dodon said the opposition is trying to suspend budget amendment laws to seize state institutions. He believes that the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, put on the wanted list, may be behind this. On April 23, the Moldovan Parliament approved a package of economic measures to support the population against the coronavirus crisis. Also, due to the pandemic, the state budget for 2020 was revised; the deficit of $ 900 million is planned to be compensated inter alia through a loan from the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Constitutional Court suspended the entry into force of the law on a 200 million euros loan from Russia to be obtained by Moldova until the Constitutional Court gives its assessment of the agreement, reports. "As to several laws suspended, we see a political game, we know who is playing it - Shor (businessman Ilan Shor - ed.), Candu (ex-speaker of the parliament Andrian Candu - ed.), and possibly Plahotniuc is behind them. Someone is trying to seize state institutions again, we’ve already got rid of the oligarchs once and will do it again," Dodon said on the air of Moldova 1. The President noted that a request for a possible repeal of the law on amendments to the state budget, as well as of economic measures package could be registered with the Constitutional Court on Monday. "Our opponents think that the worse for people, the better for them; if there are more dead people in the country, more cases of coronavirus, they will be happy, they will attack these laws because they have their own interests. I already heard statements today, that the president and the government should resign, that is, they just want to destabilize the situation," Dodon added.