Merkel Considers Unpleasant Sanctions against Russia During Pandemic

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According to the Chancellor of Germany, it is necessary to solve political problems Sanctions in such an exceptional situation as coronavirus epidemic are unpleasant, so Germany continues to work to overcome political problems that have led to restrictive measures against Russia introduction. This announced on Tuesday the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the 11th international conference "Petersburg Climate Dialogue." The event was held due to pandemic in a videoconference mode. “Of course, we all want to develop well in economic terms and sanctions from this point of view, I must say, are unpleasant,” she said. “When I think about sanctions against Russia imposed because of the Ukrainian issue, we are working to resolve the political problems that are causing them,” Merkel emphasized. "In such an exceptional situation when it is obvious that we have significant common international problems, all I can only called upon to resolve the conflicts that have accompanied us for many years and then there will be no sanctions," the chancellor said. In 2014, the European Union imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the events in Ukraine and the reunification of Crimea with Russia. Restrictive measures have been repeatedly expanded and extended. Negotiations on a visa-free regime and on a new basic agreement on cooperation were suspended, the ban on entry into the EU countries for officials from the Russian Federation was introduced and their assets were frozen, next restrictive measures of commercial, financial and military nature were introduced. In response, Russia imposed the ban on imports from the EU countries for a number of food products.