Nastase: "No Response from PAS regarding a Vote of No Confidence in the Government"

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Representatives of the DA Platform and PAS met today to discuss a vote of no confidence in the government and a possible vote for a new cabinet to be adopted by a political party led by Andrei Nastase. However, the PAS did not give a clear answer in this regard, Nastase informed, reports. “For a vote of no confidence, 26 votes are needed. The DA platform developed it, and we held a series of discussions with our colleagues. We are still waiting for an answer. Today we had a round of negotiations with PAS colleagues. Unfortunately, we did not hear a clear answer about support in the situation when we will have the required number of votes, excluding the votes of the Shor group, because this is what society insists on. We did not receive a clear answer whether our prime minister’s candidate would be supported, who would represent a group of ministers that would include the best people of our time”, the DA Platform chairman said during the Punctul pe Azi program on TVR Moldova. Andrei Nastase also noted that he “calls people to action and solidarity.” “But in action and de facto solidarity, not on paper. I urge everyone to stop looking for excuses. Let’s seek solutions for the country. I’m tired of pretexts,” he added. “I am fed up with silent propaganda. I put forward a proposal to my PAS colleagues. Is it unfair to wait or ask for this answer from them? Why go ahead and say that we need more votes? I insist on a unity of 26 votes, unity of the ACUM bloc, because this is how we entered the parliament, today we should have already developed a common, rather than a differing, approach. I’ll insist before the voters that I will force to restore unity and prevent separation,” the politician added.