Philip: I Don’t See How Is it Possible Creating a Government “Crisis”

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Such a statement made PDM leader Pavel Filip noting that “one cannot bet on Shor or Candu group in parliament”. According to the PDM leader, the Shor party is a “meeting” of people who spend the stolen billion, reported “On the other hand, we see that the Candu group, in fact, has the same roots. No one has any doubts that this is one and the same group, divided into two,” Pavel Filip said. The Democratic leader expressed surprise at the fact that there are politicians who are ready to come out with a vote of no confidence in the Chicu government, without considering what is to happen next. “From my point of view, this is irresponsible,” Pavel Filip commented. “I am an engineer by profession and from the mathematical point of view, I don’t understand how to create a crisis management government,” the former prime minister said. The democrat also clarified that the vote of no confidence is not a DA Platform played game: “What is the purpose of buying so many MPs? To support the DA Platform government? Whom should we appoint a government with? We will not refuse any of the values that PDM aspires to,” Pavel Filip said.