Platon: “Candu Is the Theft of a Billion Architect, and Leanca Took Bribes from Shor”

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According to Veaceslav Platon, he was released in order to “do business” and punish those responsible for the theft of a billion. He says he has evidence that Andrian Candu is “the architect of the theft of a billion”. The Shor party deputy, lawyer Denis Ulanov and ex-Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Leanca are also involved in the scheme. “I brought out the whole group into the open. Candu is an architect of the theft of a billion. I will provide evidence that he designed the scheme, gave instructions, told that the National Bank should give this money, etc.,” Platon stated during the Politics program on TV8 channel. He also said that other politicians are involved in a billion theft: “Ulanov, Leanca and a couple of figures whom I don’t want to name not to allow them flee the country. Ulanov was running around and negotiated, received and sent money, participating in a gang under the guise of advocacy,” Platon said. “Leanca received a bribe from Ilan Shor. We have already seen 50 thousand, there are still another 300 thousand to participate in the elections. He did not declare this money, he gave a cache. There is a conversation with Shor in which he voices this,” Plato said, adding, that he has many such records “obtained legally”. “My release threatens the Pro Moldova gang. The last thing I want to do is to play politics today and promote Dodon or Sandu. I want to prove that this is not a country of impotent people. They robbed the country, I will present evidence, schemes, return mechanisms, institutional mechanisms. I’ll ask for nothing in return,” Platon says. He also said that as far as he knew, “papers needed for Plahotniuc’s extradition are being prepared now”. Platon added that Article 47 of the Code says that there may be an exemption from criminal liability for cooperation with the investigation and called on those interested “to run to the prosecutor’s office and write confessions”. Recall that on Monday, June 15, businessman Veaceslav Platon was released from prison.