Sandu and Nastase about Platon’s Release: He Is Exploited in Politics

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“Justice of Igor Dodon in action” or “Platon is exploited in politics” – this is how Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase commented on the businessman’s release. “This is the justice of Igor Dodon. Justice which has remained in the hands of criminal groups. Neither prosecutors who turn a blind eye to criminal schemes, nor judges who make decisions by order, nor politicians who say they keep the situation under control, do not pay for money stolen from banks, for decisions of international arbitration courts or for damage ordered by the ECHR. We, citizens, pay this money. Today, only Igor Dodon is to blame for this injustice. When he opposed justice reform and promised to protect corrupt judges, when he overthrew the government in order to stop the reform of justice, then Igor Dodon also allowed the bandits to be released from prison,” Maia Sandu wrote on Facebook, quotes. “I can’t say what will happen next, but I know that Platon is used today by Moldovan politics, by Dodon and his entourage, and will further be used against Plahotniuc. Platon with his so-called revelations against Plahotniuc will make headlines of the Moldovan media. “Plastic bag” is little spoken about. Platon’s release shows that justice in the Republic of Moldova is still used for such mafia celebrities. I never thought that we could sink to such lows. This release is the work of justice, which is still controlled,” Andrei Năstase said on the Punctul pe Azi program on TVR Moldova.