Sandu Asked Nastase to Be “More Polite” if He Wants PAS Support.

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Maia Sandu, chairman of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), said the political group will support Andrei Nastase’s candidacy for prime minister. She stated this on the air of “Puterea a patra” program on channel N4, noting that the Ion Chicu government cannot be dismissed due to lack of votes. “We are ready to support the candidacy of Andrei Nastase for the post of prime minister. Only he needs to be careful when criticizing PAS if he wants my colleagues to support him. I asked him to be more polite. In addition, we must consider the conditions of those who support this government and analyze whether they have hidden interests,” Sandu said. At the same time, Sandu said she had discussed the Chicu government resignation with the Dignity and Truth Platform (DA) party. The PAS leader noted that this is not possible due to lack of votes. “Yesterday we discussed this. The government resignation occurs when we are confident that we will appoint a new government. The DA platform stated that they do have candidates but did not give detailed information about the possible Cabinet composition. This is if 51 deputies will support it. Unfortunately, we do not have 51 votes,” Sandu said. Recall, on June 9, the Party of Dignity and Truth (DA) party faction passed to the deputies from the Action and Solidarity (PAS) faction a draft vote of no confidence in the government of Ion Chicu.