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Kiev will benefit from increased access to the alliance's programs and thus will come even closer to it, the secretary general said. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg congratulated Ukraine on obtaining the alliance partner with advanced capabilities status. He stated on June 17 at a video mode press conference, the Interfax-Ukraine agency reported. “I would like to congratulate Ukraine for being recognized by the North Atlantic Council and by all NATO allies as a partner with advanced capabilities. This is an important step in the partnership between NATO and Ukraine and is a recognition of Ukraine’s contribution to the mission and operations of NATO,” Stoltenberg said. According to him, as a partner with advanced capabilities, Ukraine "will benefit from enhanced access to programs" of the alliance. "They (Ukrainians) will increase access to NATO exercises, to a greater exchange of information, including conclusions from various assessments that we make in NATO. They will come closer to NATO as we do with other enhanced partners - Finland, Sweden, Georgia, Jordan and Australia. We added Ukraine to this list, " the Secretary General said. US Ambassador: Ukraine will be able to become a member of NATO at the right time According to agency’s June 12 report , Ukraine became a member of the NATO Enhanced Opportunity Program. The new status involves deepening cooperation between allies and partners who have made significant contributions to operations and missions led by the alliance. Earlier, Stoltenberg said that granting Kiev the status of a partner with advanced capabilities does not solve the issue of blocking the Ukraine-NATO Commission by Hungary.