“Plahotniuc Has 3-4 ACUM Bloc Deputies in Stock.” Dodon Addressed Four Party Leaders

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President Igor Dodon claims that the Democratic Party ex-leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, through the parliamentary group Pro Moldova will try to bribe 3-4 more deputies from the ACUM bloc, who are “in oligarch’s stock”. According to Dodon, Plahotniuc seeks to form a new parliamentary coalition. Dodon said this on June 19 on the air of “The President Answers” podcast urging anti-oligarchic parties to negotiate. Dodon noted that Plahotniuc controls several MPs from the ACUM bloc. One of them, according to Dodon, is the deputy from the Dignity and Truth Platform Party (DA) Iurie Renita. “The oligarch has about 3or 4 extra deputies from the ACUM block, like Renita and others. Plahotniuc makes leaks through them,” said Dodon. Dodon called on the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), Dignity and Truth Platform (DA), the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party to agree on overcoming the political crisis in order to prevent Plahotniuc from returning to power. Dodon said he was ready to take part in these negotiations next week. He stressed that this is not an official invitation, but he hopes for a joint meeting of party leaders. Recall, the day before, Dodon said that he was ready to support several options for developments in parliament: “creating another formula for the government in which DA and PAS would play a more significant role”, early elections and the work of the current government in a parliamentary minority. He emphasized that “if it comes to blocking the work of the current government or its resignation, then those who, together with Plahotniuc and Shor participated in creating chaos and endangered the lives of citizens, will be held accountable to the people.” In response, Olesea Stamate, vice-chairman of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), reminded Dodon that when he was dismissing Sandu’s government last year he called it “incompetent.” “Now you are calling on the “incompetent” government to save you,” Stamate wrote.