Diacov: I Would Rather Stay in Opposition, It’s More Honest There

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PDM Honorary Chairman Dumitru Diacov stated in the program Glavnoie on TVC21 with Lilia Buracovskaia that he would have remained in the opposition with great pleasure. “I would rather stay in the opposition, it’s more honest there. When you’re in power, you need to close your eyes to certain things, not to call names, and seek a compromise. Being in a coalition with another party, it doesn’t matter with the left or right, is not so sweet. And today it’s hard for us to be in a coalition with the socialists. They have all functions, they govern all the institutes. It’s not easy for us. But to offer to break up this coalition in a pandemic and on the eve of the presidential election, in order to discuss and search for a new government for two months is a nightmare, it’s irresponsible,” the democrat said, tvc21.md reports. Answering the question of the program host, whether the PDM’s position will change if it is asked to retain the five ministries now headed by the Democratic proteges, Diacov responded: “They said they will offer us no more than one minister. They will share one seat.” “So, you did negotiate with them and discuss something, didn’t you?” the host retorted. “I heard that. They have already determined themselves who they will retain and who they will appoint. This is a purely pre-election game. This hysteria does not make the Republic of Moldova more attractive: everyone says that no one knows what it’s about,” Diacov said.