Socor: Candu Buys MPs Just Like Plahotniuc Did in 2015-2016

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The manner Pro Moldova uses to buy MPs in parliament recalls the period 2015-2016, when PDM Plahotniuc used to buyndeputies to create a non-representative parliamentary majority, Socor stated. This opinion was expressed by American political observer Vladimir Socor in an interview with Radio Free Europe, reported “The parliament and the whole parliamentary life in Moldova are rotten. We are witnessing the process of 2015-2016 winter events reminiscent, when Plahotniuc’s PDM, starting with 19 mandates, received the majority of 57 by buying deputies from other factions. Candu is now repeating the procedure of his relative. This is the same manner,” Socor said. The observer noted that Andrian Candu prematurely celebrates the triumph because he does not have a parliamentary majority. “Of course, Candu does not have 57 deputies, he will not reach this indicator but he is already celebrating his triumph. We saw his statements published after the official registration of the Pro Moldova party. He says: “Now nothing will be decided in politics without Pro Moldova.” Why? Because (just like his man of honor) I bought deputies from other parties,” the political analyst concluded.