Dodon: Moldova and Russia Will Resume Negotiations on a € 200 Mln Loan

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President Igor Dodon announced the agreements reached during his visit to Moscow. He wrote about this on Thursday on his facebook page. According to him, he held a “brief exchange of views with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the dynamics of bilateral Moldovan-Russian relations,” after which he “continued a more detailed discussion of current issues with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the Russian President for Trade and Economic Relations Development with the Republic of Moldova Dmitry Kozak”, reports. Dodon noted that following the discussion of the main agenda issues, the following agreements were reached:
  1. Moldova and Russia will resume negotiations on a loan of 200 million euros to support the Moldovan economy. To this end, the governments of the two countries will agree on the necessary procedures in the coming days;
  2. At the Moldovan President’s request, the Russian Federation agreed to extend the exemptions for duty-free supplies of Moldovan goods. This means that after July 1 this year Moldovan fruits, vegetables, canning and wine products will be delivered to the Russian market without customs duties, which will allow Moldovan producers to save at least 20-25 million euros per year;
  3. The parties agreed to solve the problem of issuing permits for the transit of goods from Moldova to Russia through the territory of Ukraine;
  4. At the request of the President of Moldova, Russia will consider the possibility of providing humanitarian assistance in the form of diesel fuel to agricultural enterprises that have suffered from an unprecedented drought this year.
“In addition, we discussed with the Russian side a range of issues related to confidence-building measures and other aspects of stepping-up the Transdniestrian settlement process,” Dodon said.