Germany Prepares Response to New US Sanctions on Nord Stream 2

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German authorities will prepare a response in case the White House imposes additional sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Bloomberg reported, citing government sources in Berlin. As stated in a German Ministry of Economy’s internal document, the new US sanctions could affect a significant number of European companies and banks along with government organizations. According to the agency, in response to this, the government of Angela Merkel is considering a plan for coordinated actions of the European Union. Gas pipeline construction The Nord Stream 2 project involves laying two pipelines from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. Ukraine is actively opposing the construction, fearing to lose transit just like the United States who wants to promote its LNG to the European market. At the end of last year, the US authorities adopted a defense budget that provided for sanctions against companies involved in laying the pipeline. As a result, the Swiss Allseas almost immediately stopped working and diverted the vessels. Russia can build the gas pipeline on its own using the Akademik Chersky pipe-laying machine. Now it is located in the port of Mukran, the logistics base for Nord Stream 2. At the same time, in Washington they declare the possibility to tougher sanctions: Republican senators have already introduced a bill which particularly proposes to extend restrictions to companies engaged in insurance of pipe-laying vessels.