Nastase: Dodon Will Never Resign

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"We need decisions, actions, solidarity, dignity, truth and less rhetoric, sterile rhetoric that does not help us," Nastase said while discussing the government resignation and early elections organizing. Screaming on full blast “resignation for Dodon” is a challenge to the people who understand very well that Dodon will never resign. He needs to be helped with resignation. We must initiate the procedure for his resignation, initiate the parliamentary investigation procedure, insist on criminal investigations, so that one day both Dodon and the Socialist Party go into opposition where they can reform and do good for democracy, ”Andrei Nastase said during the broadcast “Moldova în Direct”on a public television channel, reported Andrei Nastase claims that the DA Platform and PDS should return to the old ACUM Block’s format and together find the needed voices to change the political situation in the country. “It is necessary that the DA Platform and the PDS, members of the former ACUM Block that was created at my insistence and the insistence of the Platform DA and I think that the PDS and Platform DA at present time should gather ranks, unite, join forces, show a vote distrust signed by 26 deputies and go together to find the necessary votes,” Andrei Nastase said. The leader of the DA Platform refers to last year’s events, as a result of which it was possible to change the course of events in Moldovan politics. “We had a common, consolidated approach, a common position that was the point of attraction for others as well. Only this way, being united, being consolidated we managed then to have a pro-European, reformist, anti-corruption government, which unfortunately did not last long."