Nastase Is Waiting for PAS Support: We Did Not Send Sandu Searching for Voices

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DA Platform leader Andrei Nastase expects from PAS, former ACUM colleagues unity and strong support. "To show that there are 26 votes you do not need to send each other looking for votes. In June 2019, we did not tell Ms. Sand to go searching for votes. If we were smarter, today this government would not have controlled the situation!", - Andrei Nastase said for Moldova în Direct program on M1, reported. “The ACUM block was created at my and the DA Platform insistence. The PAS and DA Platform should unite, show that they have 26 votes together and not send each other - go you or you, look for votes. We did not tell Mrs. Sandu in June 2019 to go and look for voices. And now it remains so. Then we succeeded, unfortunately, the government did not last for too long ... if we were smarter, this government would not be controlled by the current situation," Nastase believes. “We expect our PAS colleagues to make a very quick decision on a vote of no confidence submitted by the DA Platform. We need the votes of 26 deputies, we have 26 deputies in the former ACUM bloc. If we had only one bloc in parliament, this is what I said all the time - we needed to remain united at the level of parliament, at the level of municipal council and at the level of other local authorities. Unfortunately, the decision of our PAS colleagues was completely different: to have two separate factions in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, two factions in the municipal council and this over time turned out to be very, very harmful for the democratic forces, " Andrei Nastase said.