Pro Moldova Group and “Shor” Party Discussed Government Resignation Need

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The Pro Moldova group informs that the first discussions took place today, June 29, with the deputies of the “Shor” party after launching the open invitation “for all parliamentary parties responsible for determining the priorities of the anti-crisis government”. “The PRO proposal includes a number of urgent measures to support the sanitation system, the economy, education, justice and the social sphere. The reform proposals and bills that should be urgently put on the agenda of the parliament are designed to improve the catastrophic situation in the country and provide immediate support to people who suffered the most during the pandemic, ”the Pro Moldova website said in a Facebook statement, reported At the same time, in a press release the Shor political party announced that the first round of discussions was arranged “to resign the current government, controlled by Igor Dodon and form a new professional cabinet with a viable government program that can stop the effects of the economic crisis and the crisis in the medical field. ” The party clarified “it was established that due to poor situation management the Dodon-Chicu government pushed the country into an economic crisis, the consequences of which are becoming more noticeable and affect more and more citizens." “Under these conditions, the deputies of the political party Shor and Pro Moldova confirmed the need for the current government to resign since it has lost the political support, citizens’ trust and any external support. In addition, the parties agreed that it is necessary to form, together with representatives of other opposition parliamentary political groups, another government to be responsible and find solutions for the immediate and long-term needs of the Republic of Moldova and its citizens,” the formation stated.