Slusari: Political Persecution of Usatii Discredits Russian Landromat Investigation

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Deputy Chairperson of the DA Platform, vice speaker of the parliament, Alexandru Slusari, commented on Russia's federal wanted list for Moldovan politician Renato Usatii in the landromat case. Slusari says that he does not trust these accusations, they are clearly political in nature, reports. Alexandru Slusari: “This is strange. I've never been Renato Usatii's fan, as you know. Moreover, we are political opponents. We have diametrically opposite views on many things. But what is happening to him is perplexing. As far as we know, a year ago Vlad Plahotniuc was put on the wanted list by Russia in this landromat case. Later, Platon was added. And my question is: why nothing was mentioned about Renato Usatii at that time? He was in Moscow, as I understand it, and no one there claimed that he had any connection with this case. A year passed, and just before the presidential election, in which Renato Usatii is the main opponent of Igor Dodon on the left flank, this case appears very timely and convenient for Dodon. And this happens right after Dodon’s visit to Moscow. ” According to the Deputy Chairman of the DA Platform, “here, unfortunately, the Russian side is also put in a difficult situation by the actions of Igor Dodon. I understand that there are several circles of interests in the Russian Federation, and there is not always an understanding between them, but in this case there is a risk of discrediting not only the investigating authorities, but also the whole case against Plahotniuc. And the society in Moldova will not take it very well. ” “I watched how this case developed, and I have no reason to trust these new actions (accusations against Usatii - ed.),” Slusari concluded. Recall, on Thursday Russia put the mayor of Balti on the wanted list in a criminal case fabricated, according to Renato Usatii, at the request of Igor Dodon. During a video address on Thursday, he said that the fabricated case against him was triggered by Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who, with the help of his business partner and curator in Russia Igor Chaika and “rogue police” in Moscow, is seeking a conviction against the Moldovan opposition politician in the money laundering case. The goal is to prevent him from taking part in the presidential and early parliamentary elections as the main counter-candidate of the current government. Renato Usatii will appeal to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a statement in which he will reveal the details of his illegal prosecution and give the names of the politicians and special services who fabricated criminal case against him.