Dodon Called on PAS and DA not to Boycott Parliamentary Sessions

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President Igor Dodon called on opposition deputies to "come down to earth." In particular, he called on the factions of the Action and Solidarity (PAS) and Platform Dignity and Truth (DA) parties not to boycott the parliamentary sessions. He announced this on July 3 on his Facebook page. “I state the formation of the Sandu-Candu-Plaha-Shor coalition against citizens, and this coalition blocks the government’s initiative, according to which  salaries for doctors should be doubled in stages, and 700 lei for 660 thousand pensioners should be allocated. It is also planned to allocate 100 million lei for farmers, another 50 million lei to create the infrastructure of industrial platforms that will provide the new jobs that are so necessary now, plus another 20 million lei for the Prima Casă-6 program intended for the military,” Dodon said. According to the president, the opposition parties block these projects “for a completely contrived reason” and called on the deputies to “come down to earth.” “In particular, I appeal to the Action and Solidarity party and the Platform Dignity and Truth party calling to leave the chaos alliance for at least one day, where they were enticed by Plahotniuc and Shor, so that we can provide the necessary quorum to ensure money are immediately allocated to people,” the president said. Note, on July 6, Prime Minister Ion Chicu will come to parliament for the third time to take responsibility for four bills. His two previous attempts to address the deputies failed. People’s representatives from the factions of Action and Solidarity (PAS), Platform Dignity and Truth (DA), Shor, and the Pro Moldova parliamentary group boycotted parliamentary meetings on July 2 and 3. This led to a lack of quorum. Deputies from the opposition do not agree with Chicu’s approach and argue that he unnecessarily resorts to the process of taking responsibility by the government, and amendments to the legislation concerned should be made through parliament. This is how deputies from the parties PAS, DA, “Shor” and the Pro Moldova parliamentary group explained the boycott to the parliamentary  sessions on July 2 and 3.