"He Came to Me Scared." Dodon Told Who Offered Gatcan Money to Leave the PSRM Faction

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The resigned deputy Stefan Gatcan was offered € 500 thousand for leaving the Socialist Party faction. This was announced on July 3 by President Igor Dodon on the air of the program “The President Answers.” “A few days ago, he came to me scared, said that a relative from Violetta Ivanov came to him and put € 500 thousand on the table,” Dodon said. According to Dodon, he offered the deputy to apply to the Prosecutor General’s Office, but he apparently decided to do otherwise. “He did not want to apply. By the way, several deputies of the socialists filed such complaints with the Prosecutor General’s Office and criminal cases were initiated. I don’t know what happened to him after that, I didn’t speak to him, ” the president said and added that he condemns the socialists for too furious reaction. “I am categorically against some of their actions, for example, with wreaths, this is a line that cannot be crossed,” said Dodon. After that, as Dodon said, Gatcan came to the PSRM faction meeting and filed a letter of resignation. “He told his colleagues himself that there was a risk to his health and the PSRM faction appealed to me, the president of the country, with a request to provide him with state protection, because the person was afraid for his life. Perhaps he was afraid of those who forced him to write a statement. I provided him with state protection, like any other deputy. He needed it only to reach the border. He left the country, I can’t say in what direction. He took the children, his wife and left the country. It's his decision,” said Dodon.