Trump Called USA "the Fairest Country" on Planet

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During Mount Rushmore ceremony, the head of the White House condemned attempts to destroy the monuments and "undermine the values" of the country. US Independence Day celebrations are overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. On the eve of Independence Day US President Donald Trump on Friday, July 3, attended a ceremony. The United States is "the fairest and most exclusive country that has ever existed on Earth," said the head of the White House at the event near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. His speech was attended by several thousand people, despite the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which causes the deadly disease COVID-19. During the ceremony, the US President criticized those who, in recent protests against racism in the country, tried to destroy monuments. According to Trump, the goal of such a "ruthless campaign" is to "erase history, defame heroes, undermine values ​​and impose stereotypes on the children of the United States. The Left-wing Cultural Revolution "will not succeed" in destroying our way of life or depriving us of freedom, "the head of the White House concluded. It is about actions against racism and police violence, which began after the resonant death of African-American George Floyd who got killed by policemen in Minneapolis. Demonstrations grew into riots and clashes with the police and protesters demolished monuments. Several thousand of supporters gathered at Mount Rushmore to listen to the president’s speech. According to media reports, most of them had no protective masks on and did not observe social distance. President Trump himself and his entourage were also without masks. Record number of new infections This year's Independence Day celebrations are overshadowed by the proliferation of the new coronavirus. The United States registered the largest daily increase in infections (57 683) as to Johns Hopkins University data. In addition, the country ranks first in the world in the number of infected (over 2.7 million) and deaths among patients with COVID-19 (over 129,000). The United States Declaration of Independence, by means of which the British colonies in North America declared independence from Britain, was signed on July 4, 1776. The first popularly elected president was George Washington. His portrait is carved on the Rushmore Mount along with portraits of Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. In November 2020, US residents will have to again choose the head of state.