Andrei Nastase: It Is Clear that a Vote of No Confidence Is not Supported

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A vote of no confidence in the current government, initiated by the DA Platform, has no chance of success, as there is no support among opposition parties. “Unfortunately, responsibility standards and political ethics for some people lies in the formula: worse for the country better for them and for their political goals, which are still not stated, but already known to everyone,” Andrei Nastase said at a press conference, reports. The vote of no confidence is not discussed for various reasons, the main of which, according to former partners in the DA and PAS block, is the lack of votes necessary for the resignation and appointment of a new government. However, members of the DA Platform say that the proposal was addressed to each member of parliament and there was a chance to accept it if the PAS declared its support in this regard. “Days and weeks are passing, their electoral hype is growing, while the Republic of Moldova is simply dying from disease, poverty, corruption, manipulation, misinformation, populism and political opportunism. We see that there are dozens of pretexts not to support the vote. And in order to do something specific, the resignation of this government and president is required. It is in order to inform in public space that something is being done. Debate is just a cheap trick through which contextual politicians drag time. Time is not to choose a government. Time to get ready for the presidential campaign. The time, which, in their opinion, will work only for them. There is a negative voting theory. Voting against the one who is in power is a vote for another who is in opposition. The worse the situation in the country, the larger number of such negative votes gathers in the “bag” of another. There are extremely dangerous contextual politicians in the Republic of Moldova whose only communication strategy is to collect as many negative votes as possible. The DA platform does not and will never do such things. We do not enter into alliances with the groups and political parties of Shor or Candu, Filip or Dodon. What are others doing? They are waiting for the apocalypse, they are waiting for the elections, they, in their opinion, are politically capable. This expectation, this monitoring of the agony of society and the economy of the Republic of Moldova only to achieve a petty political goal that fuels their arrogance, wealth and personal ambitions is the greatest barbarism that a politician can do in Moldova in 2020,” Andrei Năstase said.