Gatсan May Attend a Parliamentary Meeting

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Deputy Stefan Gatсan, who announced revoking of his mandate exactly one week ago, is preparing to take part in a parliamentary meeting. This was reported to the Infotag correspondent by sources in the government. “The decision to accept the resignation of the deputy was not made by parliament, one of the reason is that the meeting was disrupted three times due to the lack of a quorum. According to the Law on the Status of the Deputy in Parliament No 39-XIII of July 4, 1994, if the parliament did not vote for the resignation of a deputy, the latter continues to fulfill their mandate. The deputy’s powers are terminated after voting in the parliament, and then the parliament reports this to the Constitutional Court and the Central Election Commission,” the source said. Thus, according to the source, Gatcan can come to a meeting, ensurea quorum for the government to take responsibility before parliament under four laws. After that, the parliament can vote for Gatcan’s resignation. “There are suggestions that he returned to Moldova in order to ensure that the necessary decisions of the ruling coalition are adopted. He was abroad only several days, although he said that he would disappear from public space, as he needed rehabilitation,” the source said. Back to his homeland, Gatcan does not communicate with anyone, and his house is under the protection of the State Guard Service. The parliament meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Prior to that, a briefing of President Igor Dodon will be held at 9 a.m.