Opposition Launched Signatures Collection for Dodon’s Resignation

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Pro Moldova opposition party chairman Andrian Candu said at a briefing on Monday that his political formation is beginning to collect signatures for the resignation of President Igor Dodon. “Today, the Pro Moldova team launches a national campaign to collect signatures to force Dodon leave, we urge everyone to sign a petition for the resignation of Dodon. We are starting to collect signatures both online and physically, in the near future our representatives will appear in different areas,” Candu said, ria.ru reports. According to the deputy, the Moldovan president should not interfere in political conflicts, on the contrary, he should consolidate politicians, which Dodon is not coping with. Candu believes that the current president does not respect the law and his own people. At the same time, local laws do not provide for the possibility for the president to resign through a petition. According to the current legislation, a minimum of 34 out of 101 deputies must sign and register an initiative to remove the president in parliament. Then the president is notified of this initiative, he has the right to give explanations to the deputies regarding the claims presented to him. After the parliament considers the proposal for the resignation of the head of state, the votes of 67 deputies are needed to approve it. If the proposal for removal from office is approved, then no later than within 30 days a referendum is held on the issue of the president’s removal.