Gatcan Attended the Parliamentary Meeting

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The resigned deputy Stefan Gatcan appeared at a parliament meeting. On July 9, Gatсan appeared at a parliamentary meeting, taking a seat next to the faction leader of the Socialists Party of the Republic of Moldova in the parliament Corneliu Furculita. His presence provided a quorum for discussing bills for which the Chicu government took responsibility for the fourth time. In turn, Gatcan commented on his move, “I could not stay away, watching what chaos was happening in parliament today”. At the same time, socialist deputy Vasile Bolea said that Gatcan withdrew his resignation statement. Gatcan wrote on his Facebook page that he attended the parliamentary meeting in order to support the initiative of a phased increase in wages for medical workers in Moldova. Gatcan himself was a physician in the past, which logically determines his decision. He noted that he came to “fulfill his duty” to the citizens of Moldova. Gatcan emphasized that “as soon as the time comes”, he will give up his parliamentary powers, but so far, according to him, “Moldova needs strong power, and I am ready to help my country.” “I believe that my presence in parliament is necessary. At least for as long as it helps the country avoid instability,” he added. The deputy specified that he would leave politics only when he felt that his decision would not negatively affect the lives of Moldovan citizens. At the same time, he said that he made the decision to return to work independently, no one pressed him. “I am responsible for my behavior, which the voter might have deemed incomprehensible, but I learned a lesson from this,” he concluded.