Another Political Party Registered in Moldova

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A new political party has been registered in the Republic of Moldova. It is the NOI Party, a political party led by Vladimir Dachi presented on Saturday, July 11. The launching event took place in the Stefan cel Mare Square, reports citing According to party leader Vladimir Dachi, the NOI political party seeks to be in opposition to the ruling parties. “I want my heart and mind to serve the country where I was born in order to awaken, unite, develop these people. The time has come for change,” Vladimir Dachi, party chairman said. The list of political parties of the Republic of Moldova, published on the website of the Public Services Agency (PSA), contains the name of this party, registered on November 12, 1999. Its chairman is Vladimir Dachi, and the party’s headquarters is registered in an apartment on Bernardazzi Street in the municipality of Chisinau.