“The Epic of Taking Responsibility Is Over”. Chicu on a Vote of No Confidence in the Government

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The Ion Chicu government was not expressed a vote of no confidence after it claimed responsibility for the four bills. On Sunday, July 12, 72 hours expired, during which the deputies could register a vote of no confidence in the government. This was announced by Prime Minister Ion Chicu on July 13 after a weekly joint meeting with the president and speaker. “The epic with the government taking responsibility for four bills, in particular for amending the budget, ended, as we understand it. (...) As the speaker of parliament informed me, no one put forward a vote of no confidence. Therefore, drafts should be signed in parliament and sent to the president for promulgation,” Chicu said. Chicu also expressed hope that these drafts would come into force despite the “political interests of some citizens,” referring to an appeal by Igor Munteanu, a member of the Dignity and Truth (DA) Platform party, to the Constitutional Court. Recall that on July 1, the Moldovan government took responsibility for several important bills, including budget adjustments. The opposition criticized the government’s intentions and blocked the attempts of Prime Minister Ion Chicu to present these projects in parliament three times, boycotting plenary sessions. Nevertheless, the meeting took place. However, Munteanu later applied to the Constitutional Court with a request to interpret the article that stipulates the government’s assumption of responsibility before parliament. A deputy from DA asked the Constitutional Court to clarify whether it is possible to hold parliamentary sessions again to present the governmental assumption of responsibility if the first meeting was not held due to the lack of quorum and the deputies did not attend the meeting precisely because of the refusal to support the government.