Chicu on a Vote of No Confidence in the Government: Policy Swings

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Prime Minister Ion Chicu described the opposition’s desire to dismiss the current cabinet as policy swings. He called on the political forces of the country to address, in his opinion, more pressing problems, reports. “Let’s be in solidarity. Let’s join efforts, including parliamentarians, to get rid of the pandemic. This is the task number one for the country and society. All the rest is secondary, kind of policy swings,” Ion Chicu said. Recall that the DA Platform MPS signed a vote of no confidence in the government of Ion Chicu. The 12-page document lists complaints against the cabinet. They include inefficient management of the socio-economic crisis, mistakes in foreign policy that have isolated Moldova at the international level, and attempts to intervene in the judicial system. The leader of the formation, Alexandru Slusari, urged the PAS colleagues to do the same. However, the latter decided not to rush. The PRO Moldova chairman Andrian Candu expressed the opinion that the attitude of the PAS indicates a lack of unity among the opposition. The entire Shor faction supports the idea of ​​resignation, its secretary Marina Tauber said. Democrats, however, consider a no-confidence motion unreasonable.