Chicu to MPs: We Should Be Ashamed of What Happened in Parliament

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After much discussion and debate over the vote of no confidence in the government, Prime Minister Ion Chicu said in his closing speech that parliamentarians should be ashamed of what had happened during the meeting. The prime minister added that he will continue to work with his team to manage the situation in the country, reports. “This team is doing everything it can to handle the situation. Regardless of your vote, we will do everything in our power to keep the situation from getting worse. I speak as a member of this team. As a person, I try to understand what the citizens of the Republic of Moldova saw on TV. They saw us, the color of the nation, which should solve their problems. We should be ashamed of what we showed in the conference room. If we are not ashamed, people in this country will not live better,” Chicu said. Recall, the day before, July 20, the deputies gathered at a plenary session to discuss a vote of no confidence against the Chicu government. The prime minister came to parliament to present a report to the executive branch, as well as answer questions from parliamentarians. However, the vote did not receive a sufficient number of votes from the deputies.