Alexandru Slusari: DA Platform Had Three Meetings with Pavel Filip

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Representatives of the Dignity and Truth Platform held three meetings with the leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova Pavel Filip and a meeting with the honorary chairman of the PDM Dumitru Diacov in the context of a vote of no confidence in the government led by Ion Chicu. This was stated by the vice-chairman of the DA Platform, Alexandru Slusari, reports. “Honestly, I’m telling you, perhaps for the first time, it was a difficult discussion. As if we were from different planets. We spoke constructively, but the approaches were different. I looked into the eyes of Dumitruy Georgievic (Dumitru Diacov - ed.) And understood that it would be very difficult for us,” Alexandru Slusari said during the “Secretele Puterii” show on Jurnal TV. In turn, Dumitru Diacov noted that the no-confidence vote in the government is connected with the fact that the parties did not sit down at the negotiating table. “Everyone has their own plans, everyone has their own complaints and so on. A great story that the DA Platform has taken responsibility and is ready to present the government in the evening, it was a great story for the DA Platform,” Dumitru Diacov said. Alexandru Slusari noted that the results of the meetings made it clear that the PDM had commitments and agreements with the President of the country Igor Dodon.