Biden Claims Trump Has “Quit on This Country”

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Presidential candidate blamed the incumbent head of state for failing to lead during the pandemic NEW Castle, Delaware – The presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, Joe Biden, told Americans that President Donald Trump “has quit” on them and the entire country. In livestreamed remarks, Biden blamed Trump for failing to lead during the coronavirus pandemic, adding that as COVID-19 infections spread each day, “too many American workers are still out of work and losing hope”. The former vice president said that Trump's own staff has acknowledged he fails the most important test of being an American president: “The duty to care for you, for all of us.” Biden added, “A president is supposed to care, to lead, to take responsibility, to never give up.” Biden’s statement came during a low-key campaign event in his home state of Delaware. It was held in the hall of an elementary school in New Castle, and due to social distancing norms, fewer than 30 people attended, including a few invited guests, campaign staff, Secret Service personnel and a pool of reporters. The event was primarily intended to roll out the third plank of Biden's economic plan, known as “Build Back Better”, focusing on child care and home health care, with a pledge to provide 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.