Diacov: Chicu Was Ready to Resign

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The leader of the Democratic Party faction in parliament, Dumitru Diacov, claims that Prime Minister Ion Chicu was ready to resign on his own initiative, which he announced at a meeting of the PDM-PSRM alliance council. The politician told about this on the air of the “Secrets of Power” program on the Jurnal TV channel, unimedia.info reports. “Mr. Chicu had no problem resigning on his own initiative. He wanted to come and submit a draft amendment to the Budget Law to parliament, when the incident with Gatcan happened and the coalition was practically left without a majority, then the idea arose to take responsibility. And when our friends, who are worried about what is happening in the country, did not come, having blocked these initiatives twice, Mr. Chicu, at a meeting of the Alliance Council, put the folder on the table and said, “I am ready to resign”, Dumitru Diacov said. At the same time, Diacov does not rule out that the government headed by Ion Chicu can be dismissed before the autumn presidential elections, but he emphasizes that this will mean “a disaster for the country”.