Dodon: Someone Wants to Provide a "Geopolitical Cover-Up" to Plahotniuc

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President Igor Dodon said that someone would try to protect former PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc in the upcoming presidential elections, perhaps so that he would make resounding statements about the head of state during the pre-election period. "Interpol's decision caught our attention. It seems that someone wants to provide Plahotniuc with a "geopolitical cover-up" that will be brought up against the current president. The very cautious attitude of the American authorities looks strange," Igor Dodon said, reports. The President of the country believes that the US authorities could protect Vladimir Plahotniuc so that the former leader could provide "hot news" about Igor Dodon in the fall presidential elections. "On the one hand, the United States declares that he is a thief, and puts him on various lists, Pompeo makes loud statements, but on the other hand, he is covered up, perhaps he will say something about Dodon at a certain stage. Preparations for the presidential elections are underway. If I decide to go to the presidential elections in the fall, I will do it on behalf of the people. "Oligarchic cans" of Vladimir Plahotniuc are everywhere, and you can see them both in our parliament and abroad," Dodon added. "However, I hope that the authorities of the East and West will cooperate with the investigative authorities in the Republic of Moldova. The Prosecutor General's Office will do everything possible in this regard,” Dodon concluded. Recall, the Commission for the Control of Interpol File's refused to include former DPM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc in the list of persons put on the international wanted list.