Vasile Nastase: The Next Vote Will Be Fatal for the Chicu Government

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Vasile Nastase, MP of DA Platform, which put forward a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers led by Ion Chicu, commented on the vote on this initiative, which did not receive enough votes in parliament. According to the MP, the next vote of no confidence “will become fatal” for the current government, reports. “The vote of no confidence is a democratic instrument used by the opposition to analyze the quality of the act of government. For example, in Romania, tens, hundreds of votes were put forward. Most of them did not lead to the fall of the government, but demonstrated the degree of incompetence of one or another cabinet. The same thing happened in Chisinau. The DA Platform initiated a vote of no confidence signed by PAS colleagues. Was it done correctly? Obviously! We have shown how incompetent, insidious, cynical, catastrophic the PSRM-PDM government is. Yes, two or three votes were lacking to oust the government, but the goal was achieved, the opposition demonstrated competence, unity, courage, strength, and this is what should matter,” Vasile Nastase commented. The DA Platform MP responded to those who accused them of the fact that the authors of the vote did not bother to find 51 votes for the resignation of the government. “I see some people reproach us for not taking mathematics into account. It depends on how you look at this math. The vote, signed by 27 deputies, was supported by 47 people’s deputies, two more are in quarantine. Therefore, it was a success, but not a victory. You need a little more to win. Perhaps there is more pressure on people who, despite the fact that they consider themselves veterans and Romanians, tilt the balance of power in favor of Dodon and his anti-national crew. Maybe it was necessary to organize protests, to hold more consultations with the deputies? Anyway, congratulations to the DA Platform and all the opposition! It was a practice game, and now we can say with confidence that the next vote will be fatal for Chicu and will become his disaster!” Vasile Nastase concluded.