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The Security Council of Belarus also announced the tightening of security measures at pre-election mass events. The Belarusian authorities are deploying the troops at the borders, in particular with Russia. This was reported on Wednesday, July 29, by the local Radio Liberty. It is noted that such precautions were taken at a meeting of the country’s Security Council chaired by President Alexander Lukashenko after 32 fighters from Wagner’s private military company were detained. Snipers, demolition men and IT specialists are among the detainees, who caused “intensive and prompt closure of the state borders”, the secretary of the Security Council Andrei Ravkov said. “And (we close), in particular, the border with the Russian Federation as part of the situation analysis and tracking of persons crossing the state border, in particular on the green border. These forces will be significantly strengthened,” the official said. Also, the Security Council decided to increase security measures at mass events, especially those related to the election campaign.