Philip about Pro Moldova Registration: We Will Try to Seek Justice in Court

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The Democratic Party of Moldova is suing the Public Services Agency after the institution registered the Pro Moldova party. PDM leader Pavel Philip claims that it was done illegally, as there are other organizations with the same name in the country, reports. “This is an attempt to achieve the truth from our point of view, at least that’s what my colleagues competent in these issues told me. This formation was registered in violation of the law. The law very clearly states that if such a name has already been registered and belongs to another organization, then it cannot be used,” Pavel Philip said during the program Moldova in Direct on Moldova 1public TV channel. According to the chairman of the formation, in addition to the political party titled “Pro Moldova”, there are three more organizations in the Republic of Moldova with the same name. “From our point of view, by approving the name Pro Moldova for a political party, the law was violated. Therefore, we made a preliminary request to the Public Services Agency. We turned to the Prosecutor General’s Office, and also went to court. We will try to seek justice in court,” Pavel Philip added. Pavel Philip claims that the DPM wants the registration of the Pro Moldova party to be canceled. “They must once again follow a different path with another name, since the law does not allow using the same name which already belongs to another organization.” The leader of the Pro Moldova Party, Andrian Candu, announced on June 22 that the party was officially registered after all legal requirements had been fulfilled, having over 6,000 signatures and 23 territorial organizations.