Tkaciuk: “Presidential Elections in Moldova Are a Hoax”

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Mark Tkaciuk, a member of the Executive Committee of the Civic Congress Party, believes that the presidential elections scheduled for November 1 are “deceiving people”. He stated that at a press conference on Monday. “In 2016, the Moldovan people were unexpectedly, from the master’s shoulder, given the right to directly elect the head of state. At the same time, all active players of this cynical totalizer forgot to tell people the truth. The truth, which was that they would have to choose not a plenipotentiary president, but a person without any significant functions, a kind of a baby doll with a bow,” he said. According to him, the citizens were offered elections that, according to their design, were not able to solve and did not solve any of the systemic problems, the press release published on the party’s facebook page reads. “The election, even if nationwide, by the honest forces of sincere and caring citizens of a figure who has less authority than a lapdog, by definition, could not have any impact either on the country’s exit from total and general poverty, or on overcoming corruption and state banditry, nor the rapid outflow of the population,” Tkaciuk said. He believes that the current parliament has served and continues to serve only one goal - the preservation and prosperity of the oligarchs. “People were deceived by offering to pay with the votes of our citizens for the gambling of several cheats in a political casino. As a result, four years later we witness disappointment, apathy, indifference. This political casino both in 2016 and in 2020 serves only one purpose - to preserve the regime, which from time to time only renews the names of the gangster’s offices, but turns out the pockets of citizens with equal success,” the politician said. He also believes that retaining the current parliament is a threat to Moldovan democracy and statehood, and an attempt to preserve this composition is shameful, false, senseless and destructive. “The past months’ hardest trials made it clear to everyone: the source of most of the troubles is not just the stealing authorities and not the unprincipled parliamentary opposition, but the entire acting Parliament. It was this place in the terrible months of the ruthless pandemic that turned out to be a den of all known human vices - cynicism, dementia, aggression, venality. It turned out to be a filthy counter, behind which there is a live public sale of parliamentary bodies and votes. It is the headquarters of the victorious corruption and organized crime,” Tkaciuk said. The Civic Congress insists that early parliamentary elections are the only salutary decision that can undo the death of the economy and the country, as well as contribute to shaping a constructive national agenda.