Nagacevschi Expressed Solidarity with Michalko on Bank Theft Issue

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The Minister of Justice of Moldova Fadei Nagacevschi expressed solidarity with the EU Ambassador Peter Michalko on the banking fraud investigation. On Friday morning, he wrote about it on faceboook, after the media criticized the Moldovan state institutions that left unnoticed the attacks on the European diplomat from the Shor party, reported. "The judges decided to prove that they can indefinitely postpone the consideration of the Shor case. When a local official dares to express his disagreement with the" constant postponements", deputies of the Shor party and lawyers of its leader attack him and immediately make statements that pressure is being exerted on justice. », - the minister said. He recalled that quite recently the head of the EU delegation "dared" to express his disagreement. "Shor party deputies filed a note of protest. Dear Shor supporters! You have a lot of impudence! After the billion was stolen and your boss fled (confirming that he has nothing to say in his defense), you have the audacity to attack on the Moldovan officials and on the EU representatives because they disagree with Shor’s case consideration postponement? This is a public interest, for which the whole country pays, not you. I agree with the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Peter Michalko on the issue of postponing of this case’s consideration ", Nagacevschi stressed.