Novac on Farmers' Protests: They Just Want Milking the State

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The PSRM MP said that "the agrarians have the right to go out to rallies, but unfortunately they do not always understand that they are being used for political purposes, putting forward difficult demands." “I say, let's switch roles. We will appoint Mr. Slusari as the Minister of Agriculture and look at his behavior. Will he still insist giving of 3 thousand per hectare compensation, or maybe 10 thousand?”, He said, reported. The MP is firmly convinced that you need financial coverage when promising. “I know some villages leaders; may God help us live like they do. Why, for example, when prosperous years they do not come out with the initiative - to allocate more grain to the country's reserve fund, or to give their quotas-clients another 100 kg of wheat and corn. By God, our villagers do not thrive. And why did not farmers come up with the initiative to insure their crops? They just want to milk the state, and everything is fine with them. There are other mechanisms as well. Banks can give them a loan grace period. But no. They only want compensation from the state, that’s it. " Novak recalled that last year there was also drought. The Sandu cabinet was in power. And why did not Mr. Slusari then initiate protests? Now he points out. But the government has already allocated 100 million, then another 100 million from the reserve fund. “It is clear that drought is a common problem. But in all countries, insurance is a norm. To live in this state, you have to do something for it. Do not assume that only it owes you. It is enough difficult: the pandemic, the economic crisis in all sectors. Two years of drought. We have nothing to cover the losses, we have no oil and gold reserves,” he noted. Grigore Novac regrets that these people are being used this way. “Change any responsible person, nothing will still change,” he is sure.