Dodon: $ 150 Million out of Stolen Billion Are Located in Dubai

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The prosecutor's office has signed 50 cooperation agreements with institutions of other states to return the stolen billion. This stated Igor Dodon on the air of the program "The President Answering", reported. “Only now the new attorney general has started to work more dynamically. There are cooperation agreements with 50 foreign institutions on money return. $ 150 million are in Dubai. Our authorities say it's money from the stolen billion. You know that there is a trial going on; Plahotniuc is suing someone. The main task is to impose sequestration on funds located outside the country. Our authorities know where and what assets were purchased with this money,” Igor Dodon noted. The head of state once again stressed that those guilty of billion theft should respond for this crime. “We have to imprison the guilty ones. Plahotniuc and Shor ran away, someone stayed here, others were arrested, some of them acting very greyhound remained in parliament, but I hope that at a certain stage their turn will come,” the president added. Only this year, authorities have already managed to recover and seize assets worth 6.3 billion lei, withdrawn from Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank. President Igor Dodon clarified that this money is coming only from internal sources.