PSRM: Opposition Uses Agrarians for Political Purposes

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PSRM parliamentary faction’s chairman, Corneliu Furculita, criticized the right-wing opposition "for attempts to use the agrarians" for political purposes. At a briefing on Monday the socialist said that “Moldova is facing an unprecedented drought,” and while “the government is looking for every opportunity to compensate for the damage done to the farmers,” “certain political forces are trying to take advantage of the disaster that has befallen the farmers,”  reported "Some are calling, pushing farmers to bring agricultural machinery to the central square of Chisinau thus, impeding traffic and taking the situation out of control. Others held (on Sunday) rallies (near the Southern Bus Station -" I. "), make appeals, "he said. The socialist made it clear that he was talking about the Party of Action and Solidarity and the "DA Platform", saying that "both parties were in power last year (in coalition with the PSRM -" I. ")". "Then the situation in the agricultural sector was also difficult because of the hail, which damaged gardeners in the northern regions. And the Sandu government did not pay any attention to the farmers - no subsidies were provided, the calls of farmers were not heard," he said. Furculita addressed the vice-chairman of the "DA Platform" Alexandru Slusari - "how many times last year did you go to the north to meet with gardeners, did you then call on them to protest?" "At that time, Sandu's cabinet was the weakest minister of agriculture in history. These parties, previously only engaged in optimizations, as Ms. Maia Sandu, as Minister of Education (in 2012-2015), was engaged in schools’ optimization, which, in other words, were closed, like hospitals. And now I want to tell the agrarians that these political forces can offer them nothing more than optimization - optimization of small farms, so as not to allocate subsidies, and agricultural land will be sold to foreigners at that time,” Furculita said.