Sandu: "Dodon Seeks Restoring Plahotniuc's System"

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According to the PAS leader, the current government and the president are not taking measures to improve citizens’ lives. Party representatives announced this at the rally,on August 17 in Chisinau, wrote. “Dodon seeks restoring Plahotniuc’s oppression system. But people are not afraid of Dodon, people are afraid of poverty. We are here today to tell them directly that we do not need corrupt, incompetent, deceitful leaders who hide from people behind police shields or fences. We are here to tell them that their time is coming to an end. That the time has come for good people. We are here to show them that there are many good people and they are decisive. We are here to ask them to return immediately to parliament and pass the laws needed to help the agriculture, economy, movement of people, stop the spread of the virus so that we can get back to normal life as soon as possible. We are here to promise them that in the fall we will expel them from the government and hold them accountable for all the iniquities they have committed,” PAS leader Maia Sandu said.