Biden Nominated for the United States Presidency

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More than 3,550 delegates voted for Joe Biden at the US Democratic convention in Milwaukee. The Democratic Party of the United States confirmed Joseph Biden its presidential candidate in the November elections. This decision was taken at the national convention in Milwaukee on Tuesday, August 18. Voting took place in a virtual format due to the coronavirus pandemic. Representatives of the American states delegations and overseas territories took turns announcing whether their delegates would vote for Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. He was Biden's main rival in the internal party struggle, but withdrew from the race in April. Biden crossed the minimum required vote threshold (2,374) when the North Carolina delegation announced its decision. In total, Biden received over 3,550 votes and Sanders over 1,150. As a result, the Democratic Party leadership announced that Biden was officially nominated a presidential candidate and was invited to give a speech on consent to this. This is expected to happen on Thursday. "Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This is very important for me and my family. See you on Thursday," Biden said during a short video message to convention delegates. As well known, the US presidential elections are scheduled for November 3. The Republican nominee will be incumbent President Donald Trump. Earlier, Trump compared his chances of winning the presidential elections with those of Biden and concluded that they are almost equal. It was also reported that according to the latest CNN poll, Trump sharply closed the gap with Biden.