The Government Is to Allocate 100 mln. Lei for Farmers Affected by Drought

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Prime Minister Ion Chicu discussed with representatives of the agricultural sector the measures the executive branch is to take to overcome the crisis in this field. The project will be approved, August 19, today, according to the press release providing for amendments introducing and Regulation simplifying on subsidizing farmers. The government announced another 100 million lei to be allocated out of the intervention fund to support agricultural producers affected by drought this year. Thus, the government will allocate 300 million lei to farmers to compensate for losses the first group of grain crops. The Prime Minister calls on farmers to submit documents to AIPA and receive the 1500 lei / ha compensation. “The government will expand the interest rate subsidy program for loans to farmers. Also, by the end of this year, we will introduce a moratorium on tax audits of agricultural enterprises. An agreement to transfer their debts for equipment was also reached,” Ion Chicu said. Recall, on August 11, the farmers announced protests, and on August 13, they went to Chisinau with agricultural machinery. They demanded state of emergency in agriculture declaring, payment of income and land taxes exemption, financial resources to cover the cost of purchasing seed material compensation, financial damage suffered by agricultural enterprises after the massive hail compensation, and Minister of Agriculture’s explanation on anti-hail systems inaction.