Nastase Urged Prosecutor General's Office Nailing Chicu on Charge

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The leader of the DA Platform party, Andrei Nastase, announced that he would file a complaint with the General Prosecutor's Office (GPO) against Prime Minister Ion Chicu. He asks to nail Chicu on charge after his threats to farmers. “He dares to threaten farmers who continue protesting with no subsidies. He dares to undermine free speech, he also undermines democracy and the rule of law. Chicu must go. I will file a complaint with the prosecutor's office and ask for an investigation into the abuses he commits against citizens, ” Andrei Nastase said, demanding the Minister of Agriculture, Ion Perju’s resignation, reported. Recall, the government allocated 100 million lei from the state intervention fund to the Ministry of Agriculture to support agricultural producers affected by the drought this year. Also for this purpose, the government increased from 100 million lei to 200 million lei the funds allocated from the National Fund for Agriculture and Rural Areas Development. Thus, the Cabinet will allocate 300 million lei to farmers to compensate for losses for the first group grain crops.