Pascaru: If Dodon Wins Opposition Could Repeat the Belarus and Ukraine Scenario

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If Igor Dodon wins the presidential elections, the opposition forces being supported from abroad are to try repeating the Belarus and Ukraine scenario that we all saw. Such a forecast made the PSRM MP Nicolae Pascaru, analyzing the current political situation, reported. The MP wonders whether a "color revolution" can take place in Moldova (the term means the overthrow of the regime through large-scale street protests with the financial support of foreign powers. - Ed.). According to the socialist, attacks on the head of state that have recently taken place have reached unprecedented proportions, which means that all kinds of tools are being used in the country to destabilize the situation. Pascaru notes that opposition parties, certain media outlets and NGOs are in the game following a common political line and being financed from outside. “There are signs that a" colorful revolution "is being prepared: the president of the country is being attacked, millions are being invested to tarnish his image initiating fake news. Any step of the president is being criticized to the maximum. There are personality attacks through all kinds of petitions, notifications, and appeals to the court. If Igor Dodon wins the presidential elections, they are to try repeating the Belarus and Ukraine scenario. Western forces, Romania, foreign embassies will try imposing their own political agenda through pressure. We are not against democracy, but let's look at the precedent on April 7: government buildings were burned, the country was on the brink of disaster. Now informal methods are also used, we are constantly witnessing attacks with outside participation,” Pascaru explained, adding that “colorful revolutions” usually occur after elections. According to the socialist MP, the severe attacks on Prime Minister Ion Chicu and President Igor Dodon, including direct attacks from European officials are indicatives of the geopolitical struggle in Moldova. “We see very negative speeches of some European dignitaries against the President, we see an unprecedented attack on the Prime Minister - and this is direct interference in Moldovan politics. When a MEP directly criticizes the Prime Minister accusing him, it becomes clear that someone really does not like the Moldovan government. But this government is sovereign, it is trying to pursue a transparent and balanced policy between Europe and Russia, to have strategic partners both in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries. " Refusing the Russia loan is another example of how the opposition is trying to win a place in the political arena, Pascaru is sure. “Moldova has the right to choose external partners, donors, but the Western politicians statements, the heated debates on the Russian loan show quite clearly that they are involved in,” Nicolae Pascaru concluded.