Dodon: They Will Fail, Those Who Are Trying to Set Moldova at Odds with Russia

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Moldova should be friends with both the West and the East, while Russia is our strategic partner. This brotherhood is already several hundred years old, and the attempts of some leaders to set at odds the two countries will have no success. This stated Igor Dodon within the framework of the new edition of “The President Answers,” reported. The head of state recalled that the Russian Federation did the Republic of Moldova a favor and allowed exporting our goods: fruits, vegetables, wine and canned food without duties. - Is this good or bad? I'm sure it's good. Ukrainians who cannot export envy us, Europeans envy us - producers from Poland who cannot export their goods, in particular apples, to the Russian market. This is a huge help. By the way, this agreement is valid until the end of the year, but in October we will conduct another risk analysis. Therefore, those who want to dismiss the government - think carefully. If you send it, there will be no such preferential treatment after October 1,” he said. In addition, the Russian Federation gives Moldova the opportunity to receive a 200 million Euros loan to support the economy. And although the opposition blocked this decision, the Russian Federation agreed to renegotiate. The President is confident that this money will still enter the country by the end of the year. He also agreed with the Russian leadership to provide 40-50 thousand tons of diesel fuel to Moldovan farmers affected by drought. - There are other specific help proposals from Russia. Other partners are of course also helping - the IMF, the EU. But compared to the Russian help there are very clear and often political conditions. For example, the IMF insists that we cut costs in this year's budget by 1.5 billion lei. 1.5 billion lei, taking into account this difficult situation, when farmers demand another 2 billion from us. It is very difficult - where can we cut 1.5 billion from? Our partners from Europe also set such conditions, - Dodon said. The head of state is confident: Moldova should be friends and cooperate with everyone, but on mutually beneficial terms. - And if there’s something good we can take for our country from Russia, Europe, America, then we have to take it and make sure that people in our country live better, and do not fight with someone against someone instead. No to be friends with Europe against Russia or with Russia against others. This is our principle. This way we can achieve good results for our country, for strengthening our independence. We will be friends with Russia, this is our strategic partner, these are our brothers. Those who are trying to set us at odds they will not succeed, because this friendship, this brotherhood is already several hundred years old. I am sure it will continue to remain so,” he summed up.