Russia Is to Open Flights with Seven Countries

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Russia is considering opening flights with seven more countries - France, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt (only Cairo) and China (only Shanghai), Izvestia informed, citing air transportation industry sources. On Tuesday, August 18, at the crisis center meeting, the Federal Air Transport Agency and Rospotrebnadzor were instructed to work out air traffic with these countries opening. The crisis center does not confirm the information about communications with new countries opening. "At the moment, there are no new decisions on international flights to foreign countries resumption," – crisis center’s representative said. The decision may be taken on August 25 and announced at a meeting of the crisis centers, Izvestia wrote. Travel to Europe will not resume for everyone. The newspaper's source at the Russian airline said that flights to France, Hungary and Malta can only be opened for those who have a residence permit, work permit or for medical reasons. After opening several more countries, mass flights to Europe should not be expected. The tourist flow to Jordan has never been large, and Cairo does not look attractive to tourists due to its remoteness from the Red Sea. "The high season for tourists continues, but for airlines it has actually come to an end. Those who planned to fly on vacation in August-September have already bought tickets and vouchers. Summer is coming to the end, its results for the industry are sad, and the most difficult half-year awaits us since the past years, "he explained. Russian authorities suspended international scheduled and charter flights on March 27, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has resumed limited air traffic with Great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania since August 1. Since August 15, the government has also allowed flights to Switzerland.