Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Responded to Minsk’s Criticism

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Ukrainian diplomats advise Minsk to listen to society and friends, and not "push its way baton-wielded." In response to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, criticizing President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advice the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry advised Minsk to renounce violence, because this is a road to nowhere. So informed a statement on the agency's website. "For us Belarus is a neighboring state, we have always strived and are striving to have friendly relations with. The experience of the Ukrainian Dignity Revolution clearly showed that not listening to the society’s opinion or friends’ advice and push instead the way baton-wielded is a way to nowhere », the statement said. The Foreign Ministry wished Belarus to decently pass all the tests, to strengthen its independence and democracy. “We understand the emotional overload of our colleagues from the Belarusian Foreign Ministry but we advise you not to reject valuable friendly advice,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said. Earlier, there was an interview with Volodymyr Zelensky on the Euronews TV channel, where he advised Alexander Lukashenko holding new elections. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry answered that Minsk needs support and understanding, not "overworked advice."