Presidential Election Campaign Starts in Moldova

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The pre-election period for the presidential elections, which is scheduled for November 1, starts on Tuesday, August 25. During this period, the Central Election Commission coordinates the activities of all electoral bodies to prepare and conduct elections. At the same time, the CEC creates electoral districts and district electoral councils and controls the activities of these councils, reported. Based on the provided by the Ministry of Justice data, the CEC publishes a list of parties and other socio-political organizations entitled to participate in elections, and registers candidates and proxies. The CEC must determine the place and time of documents receipt required for registering the initiative groups to support candidates for the office of President of the Republic of Moldova. The nomination process begins 60 days before election day and ends 30 days before election day. To register with the Central Election Commission, all presidential candidates submit signature lists containing signatures of at least 15,000 and no more than 25,000 voters from at least half of the second-level administrative-territorial units. The election campaign for the President of the country election begins no earlier than 30 days before election day.