Dodon Counts on Partners in the Transdniestrian Settlement

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He announced this on Wednesday, presenting a report on the work done as president in four years. He said he will continue promoting strategic partnership with Romania and Ukraine, with Russia, with the EU, USA, Turkey, China and Hungary, reported. Speaking about relations with Ukraine, the President noted that "Ukraine must provide transit for the Russian weapons and ammunition from Transdniestria exporting." "We hope that Ukraine can become one of the first countries to recognise Moldova's neutrality status and will continue to assist in reaching a settlement of the Transdniestrian problem in the existing 5 + 2 format," Dodon said. He believes that, together with other international partners, Ukraine plays an important role in finding a solution for the export and disposal of weapons and ammunition from the Colbasna warehouses, and helps creating conditions to withdraw foreign troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova (ensuring transit - "I.") ", - Dodon stressed. According to him, "Ukraine as a friendly state should become one of Moldova’s main international partners in ensuring stability and security of the Republic of Moldova." Speaking about relations with Russia, Dodon said that "Russia is a reliable partner of the Moldovan state and the Moldovan people." "Despite the vicissitudes of the last decades in Moldovan-Russian relations, I am sincerely convinced that Russia is a state that wants to build mutually beneficial interstate strategic relations in the interests of our people. Russia is a reliable partner of the Moldovan state and the Moldovan people not only in the historical past but also in the present and in the future, "the president said. Dodon recalled that "Russia is a mediator country and a guarantor of political settlement in the Transdniestrian conflict." "Russia will do everything possible to keep peace in our country, so that the Republic of Moldova realizes its historical chance to develop as an independent, sovereign, territorially integral state," the president is convinced. He noted that "Russia, as one of the world powers, influences global processes in the sphere of global security, in matters of forming a just international order and a multipolar world." Dodon expressed gratitude to the European Union "for its readiness to support international efforts to strengthen the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, to contribute to the restoration of its territorial integrity, including in the Transdniestrian settlement in the 5 + 2 format, assisting in the development of the country."